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Dancing Wounded and Other Stories

The five short stories below are from KJ’s anthology Dancing Wounded and Other Stories, which will be available soon as a Kindle book and possibly as a paperback on Amazon and other sites.

The priced version of this anthology will have five extra stories added to it, so if you enjoy the stories below you'll definitely like the full version of this book! 

You can read each of the five stories listed below for free – just click on the book covers to open up the ebooks. Enjoy!

6.Untitled design.jpg

The Art Teacher

Runner up in the 1999 Stand Magazine short story competition (judged by Michèle Roberts and Christopher Burns); shortlisted for Real Writers competition 1999; published in New Writer magazine in 2000; published in Urban Fox short story anthology “The Mermaid” in 2005.

Isabel had a very complicated relationship with her school art teacher – the memories of what happened between them in the past continue to affect her present life too…

Think of Me story cover.jpg

Think of Me

Runner-up prize winner in the QWF Mini Competition 2000.

When Emily’s gardener boyfriend leaves her for another woman, the weather starts to go haywire. Like Emily’s tears, constant heavy rain falls for weeks and weeks.


Is it just odd weather, global warming, or is Emily’s heartbreak wreaking havoc with the elements? And how can she heal and move on?

Dancing wounded book cover.jpg

Dancing Wounded

Shortlisted in the BuzzWords UnMillennium Competition 2000. 

Tara is devastated when her boyfriend ends their relationship two weeks before her birthday.

But what if being dumped actually turns out to be the best birthday present she’s ever received?

sweet book cover.jpg


There are two well-known sayings: 'The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach' and 'Revenge is sweet'.

What if the two are combined to create the ultimate form of payback?

locked inside book cover.jpg

Locked Inside

Emma’s possessive and jealous boyfriend suspects she keeps secrets from him. Perhaps that’s why he has developed the worrying habit of locking her in their flat before he goes to work.

What he doesn’t know is that the person who has the spare key is someone they both love…

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