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Fine Art Abstracts

Artist statement 

My abstract paintings are influenced by the mid-century style, abstract expressionism and colour field art. I am fascinated by grid formations, which remind me of windows, doors, rooms, compartments, as well as the public and private aspects of our lives. We often try to compartmentalise our lives in order to attain a sense of order and control in what can sometimes feel like a chaotic world. In these formations I use geometric and organic motifs to try to create a balance between serenity and energy, nature and nurture, the physical and the spiritual. An important part of this process is the combination of and the interaction between collage and paint, which sometimes overlaps or sits side by side, creating harmonious as well as visual dichotomies.

Fine Art Botanicals

Artist statement

I challenge myself to see the shapes of nature in new ways, to pare them down to the bare minimum while appreciating the beauty and complexity. My process involves engaging with my painting practice in a joyful, explorative and expressive way, using both spontaneity and intuition. In my work I want to create a sense of movement using expressive form and colour, and bold compositions that all come together to create pieces that contain striking minimalist simplicity.

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