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Kay Julie Hutchings

With an interest in mixed media, collage, paper weaving and abstraction, Kay's practice investigates colour, form and pattern through randomness and intentionality.


She creates paper weaves and collages that are constructed from a combination of deliberate and accidental mark-making, repurposing and recycling card, paper and tissue to make works that straddle two and three dimensions. From these disrupted compositions, Kay makes abstract paintings from observing small details and enlarging them on the canvas. 

Her aim is to study the interplay of chance, intuition, control and intentional actions in her art and how these same states are often interwoven into the constructs and patterns of life. She also practises mindfulness in her process through the observation of small specific details in her paper weaves and collages, the marks and shapes that might at first be overlooked, elevating them into works on a much larger scale. 

She first developed these interests and processes while studying for a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts (UK). She has also studied art and design at the Kent Institute of Art and Design and Ravensbourne University London.

Kay is originally from England and now lives in Sweden.

Email Kay at for more information.

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